Meet Our Amish Quilters

Sample Amish QuiltMeet some of our Amish and Mennonite Quilt Makers. Visit for a moment with each one of our Quilt Makers - we have 26 different Amish women (but so far have only written get-to-know pages about 10 of them) Quilters, Quilt Top Makers (applique & patchwork), Quilt Binders, Quilt Embroiders, Quilt Markers, Quilt Designers and some Amish Fabric Suppliers. Notice that some of our Amish Ladies specialize in just one part like binding and others do just quilt tops, some just create applique tops, some only do marking and some do the entire quilt from start to finish. Some of our Amish Women quilt full time (as their only source of income) while most others do quilting only part time. We only have a few of our Amish Quilters listed here, but hope to add more as time goes by and we can get permission to do so.