Meet our Quilter - Sarah S

Amish Sarah's Laundry line and yardMeet Sarah S - Sarah S and her husband have been blessed with many daughters and few sons, so she has the daughters that still live at home working in her tiny general store and also working at the end of their lane at their vegetable stand. This is a Amish shop you have never experienced and can't imagine. It is packed with homemade canned good, homemade cloth items, Amish hats and aprons, even some treats for the kids. It's definitely not a Walmart.

Amish Sarah's HomeThe very best Amish Chow Chow is made by Sarah and sold in her stand (Chow Chow is a mixed pickled vegetable garnish that she cans in jars). Sarah's husband has his own Amish harness shop right there on the farm.  When he's not sewing bridles, harnesses or doing leather repairs, you can find him in their garden crop farm getting the vegetables for their Amish stand.

Amish Sarah's Horse and BuggySarah's little grandson had a medical emergency at his birth this year, and with no insurance to cover the bills from his 2 week stay at Hershey Medical, she is working doubly hard to help out. (Good news - Baby Samuel is now ok!).

Amish Sarah's Vegetable StandSarah S is Old Order Amish. Sarah wouldn't let me take photos of her at all so I have included a few photos of her yard, her Amish horse and buggy and her home. By the way, her home is in the middle of nowhere and just about impossible to find, but the locals all know where to get these great homemade and homegrown goodies.