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Favorite Quilts

Favorite Quilts

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Recently, Amish communities have experienced two main troubles when selling their quilts; competition from overseas is at an all time high for all trades, including quilts. Also, recent TV shows misrepresent Amish communities for the entertainment of viewers and these shows have subtly changed the public perception of the Amish in a negative way. This peace loving community should be revered by all for their work ethic, love of community, love of animals, their non confrontational spirit, their natural belief in organic farming, and even their resistance of items associated with global warming like cars and trucks.

Quilts From the Heart of Amish Country

Each Amish Quilt is a special, one of a kind treasure and located here at my Favorite Amish Quilts category on our website, we wanted to place our favorites.  Of course, being me, my favorites change from time to time, depending on the time of year, where I want to place my Amish Quilt, outlook of life, and just plain living!  but for a while, these are my favorite, featured Amish Quilts ... until I change my mind!

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These "one of a kind" Amish Quilts are in stock and ready to be shipped out to you.