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*Do I need an account to buy here?

*When I placed an order it did not appear to do anything.

*Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?

*What is my cache and how does it effect shopping?

*Resizing Text in Your Browser

*Do I need to enable Javascript?

*Tips if site does not show up properly

*My password won't work?

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*Remember you can always call us (see below for telephone number) and place your order by phone.*

Do I need an account to buy here?

No, you do not need an account. You can just place your order and then check out. If you choose to not open an account, all that happens is that none of your personal info will be saved for you when you come back in the future to shop. If you would like to be able to see your order history, then please create an account.

When I placed an order it did not appear to do anything.

When you are at the check out page, (the page where you put in your credit card info) it does appear to do nothing when you click continue... but just wait a moment. If you still have a problem, then please contact us by email, or phone, or use our contact us page and let us know of any problems you have had.

Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?

Yes, please enable the cookie function on your browser. The cookie function will ensure the proper operation of the shopping cart. Here is what to do - How to enable Cookies - Click Here (This will open in a new window)

What is my cache and how does it effect shopping?
  The cache function on your browser makes a temporary copy of all files your browser needs to view our site. Sometimes when you are visiting our site, your browser may be viewing an old page. If you are having trouble with the site it may be that you need to clear your cache and clear your temporary files. By clearing your cache you will not effect the way your computer operates. It only means your computer will get new files from the sites you visit. It may be good to do this every so often. By clearing your cache you avoid having your computer use old files or old information. If your cache is large it may also make your computer run slower instead of faster as this is the purpose of the cache. (Side note: refreshing a page should put a new copy of that page in your cache.) Here is how to clear my cache: Internet Explorer Go to tools Then Internet Options Go to General (this should already be on the screen by default) Click on Delete Cookies Click on Delete Files, that will bring up another screen, check the box-delete all offline content Netscape Go to tools Go to Options Go to Privacy Click on Cookies, then click on Clear Click on Cache, then click on Clear.
Resizing Text in Your Browser
  If the text on various Web pages consistently appears too large or too small in your browser, you may want to try resizing the text through the following steps. You may also want to download a newer version of the browser if your current version does not give you these options. Internet Explorer Click on View on the menu bar. Click on Text Size (Mac - Text Zoom). Select from among the various options until you find the size you like. Pressing CTR + or CTR- will also make the type larger or smaller.
Do I need to enable Javascript?

Yes, please enable your java script function in your browser. Our site uses a few java scripts to verify data and to enlarge certain images.

Enable Javascript - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

To enable javascript in your web browser On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click Custom Level... to bring up the Security Settings. Under Java Permissions enable the Medium setting.

Tips if site does not show up properly

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Refresh the page with problem, if that does not help then, Go to Tools, then to Internet Options, then to General (it should be the page that comes up), Then click on settings, choose the automatically box under the “check for newer versions of stored pages”. If that doesn’t help, then go to Tools, then to Internet Options, then to General (it should be the page that comes up), then click on Delete Cookies, click ok, then click on Delete Files, then check delete all offline content, click ok, then close your browser and start the browser fresh. If you ever experience any unexplained browser problems then: Go to Windows Update to download and install all needed "Critical Updates and Service Packs", After re-booting your computer, start your Browser.


My password won't work?

On the login page where you put your password in, there is a "Forgotten Password" link, just follow that link to get a new password - it will say - Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address.