How to Tour an Amish Area by Car

Amish BuggyHow to tour an Amish area by car is information you should know if visiting this type of closed community. One of the most important details that can never be forgotten is for the drive to always reduce the speed of the car. The Amish community gets around on foot, horseback and horse draw buggies. Each of these modes of transportation is extremely slower than what a car can do. When passing a horse draw cart or buggy, remember the horse can be easily startled. For this reason give them plenty of room. Passing too close to the horse and racing your engine could spook the horse and cause damage or injuries to the occupants of the buggy.


For the passengers in the cars, there is proper etiquette they should follow so your vehicle will be accepted. The Amish people have feelings and demand the respect every other America has. For this reason the children should not have their faces stuck to the windows gawking at them like they were pets or a sideshow at a circus.


As for the time you visit an Amish community, you need to remember, these people live without electricity and worship God with all of their hearts. For this reason make your visit during the daytime. This way you will be able to see any Amish people that will be moving considerable slower than your vehicle.


For many American’s Sunday is family day. Many families take along drive on that day to spend time together. The Amish are the same way. For this reason all of the shops and stores will be closed on Sunday. There will be an increased level of traffic on the roads in Amish communities on Sunday. This will be Amish families going to and from church along with family gatherings. This is not a day the Amish desire to be visited by those outside their community. You will not be treated rudely if visiting on Sunday, but you will also notice you are not very welcome either unless you are attending one of their church services.


Amish SchoolIn your travels thru Amish country, more than likely you will come upon a farmhouse that seems interesting to you. This is private property and you should not enter it without permission. You should also gain permission from the owner before taking any movies or pictures of it. This is considered common courteously in the Amish community and should be abided by all that visit.


There are no exact set of rules for how a family can tour an Amish area by car posted. There are also no laws that will be enforced, other than those set by the government for all Americans to abide by. The above suggestions are made so non-Amish families can visit this type of community without making a disruption in said community. This is also the best way of ensuring the Amish people that the outside world does not look down upon them and visitors will be welcome.