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Amish Quilts and Amish Living Blog

The Steps in Making an Amish Quilt

Posted by Amish Quilter on 22nd Jan 2021

Amish quilts are known the world over because of the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unique patterning that goes into each and every quilt. In a world where quantity has surpassed quality … read more

Why Do The Amish Quilt?

Posted by AmishQuilter on 15th Jan 2021

<p>Anyone who knows anything about the Amish people at all will often ask why they quilt at all. It's a valid question when you realize that the Amish people pride themselves on remaining plain … read more

Why do Amish People Seem so Content?

Posted by Douglas Gray on 10th Sep 2015

Why do Amish people seem so content? This is something that perplexes many of the visitors to an Amish community. All of their visitors from the outside world are used to the many modern convenie … read more

​Nothing like visiting a Real Amish Market!

Posted by Douglas Gray on 25th Jun 2015

There is nothing like visiting a real Amish Market when you have a desire to purchase delicious organic food. There are also markets that have beautiful handmade items as well, for example Quilts … read more