​Nothing like visiting a Real Amish Market!

Posted by Douglas Gray on 25th Jun 2015

There is nothing like visiting a real Amish Market when you have a desire to purchase delicious organic food. There are also markets that have beautiful handmade items as well, for example Quilts are a very popular tradition in the Amish community. Each stall is manned by family members that either made the items or grew the food they are offer up for sale.

Amish Buggy

When talking about the food products, each person who makes a purchase can rest assured only natural pesticides, fertilizer and herbicides were used to grow them. Yes there are natural pesticides, they are called ladybugs. These plant friendly insects thrive on the other insects that desire to devour the food plants the Amish grow. They produce no toxins and are harmless to humans to have around in their natural home, the great outdoors. The fertilizer is mainly manure from the many farm animals that are raised in the community. They also take the waste left over from the plants that are grown and sew them back in the ground like the stalks and leaves along with the roots. As for the herbicides they use, that is manual weeding of the fields. No chemicals are use to help protect the crops for invasive species of insects, animals or plants.

The reasons stated above are why the Amish vegetables and grains are organic. They know of no other way. The animal products they offer are also organic. The use of hormones and antibiotics are not used. All of the animals in this closed community only receive what God has given them to survive.

Other things that will be noticed is that there are no electrical lights or neon signs to attract people to any of the stalls. Remember this is a simple community where all modern conveniences are shunned. There is not even one calculator in these markets. All of the pricing and totals for purchases are done by hand and mind.

When visiting an Amish market place, be sure to bring your own bags and containers. They may not have any plastic bags for you to carry away the items you purchased.

Even though the food you purchase is organic, make sure you still wash them thoroughly before they are consumed. While there are no chemicals to worry about, some outside elements might still be present on them.