Granny Squares Patchwork Large Amish Quilt 117x120

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This is an elegant and magnificent Granny's Squares Patchwork large Amish Quilt and was hand quilted. The squares are all soft gray and pastel toned fabrics, making it a classic design that will look as comforting as your Granny's lap. The quilter used a fabulous assortment of batik fabrics in the 3 inch squares in colors of purples, lilac pinks, lime green, and seafoam. There is a patterned light blue batik fabric for the back, in light blue tones. Amish Granny's love to quilt and always have a quilt in their frames. It is a joy to go to her house and see the beauty that is displayed as she stitches the tiny stitching. This quilt is large and measures approximately 117 x 120 inches to fit your large King size or platform bed. This quilt is hand labeled and signed: Grannys Squares, 100% Cotton fabric, Db.