Meet our Quilter - Anna K

Anna Amish Quilter SittingMeet Anna K - I've adopted Anna K as my "Mommy", which is the Amish term for Grandma. She has the biggest heart in the world, and her kitchen always has a treat baking that she's ready to share with all the neighbors and friends that visit her. Anna lives (with her tiny teacup dog) in a separate 'apartment' in her daughter and son-in-law's home, and has lived there since her husband got sick with MS many years ago, and subsequently passed away.

Anna Amish Quilter with QuiltYou can read her story in the Lizzie Book Series written by her daughter Linda Byler about Linda's Amish home life growing up. It's a fictionalized real story, and is a wonderful read! …. Here's an interesting side note: we moved into the little old farmhouse Amish home that Linda and her family moved from, so now Linda lives about 1 mile west of us, and her sister is 6 houses down our road, and "Mommy Anna" lives about 2 miles east of us.

Anna Amish Quilter EmbroideringOne real benefit of living so close to Anna, is she bakes for us, giving us pumpkin pies, peach pies, molasses cookies and vegetable soup, better than any restaurant! We're right in the midst of the warmest Amish around! Anna K is Old Order Amish.

Anna Amish Quilter Home

I have included some photos of her in front of the Amish Quilts she has recently worked on, a photo of her flower packed front porch and a closeup of two squares she has embroidered, one is the front side, and the other shows the reverse. We'll be making these ASL Sign Language Alphabet squares that Anna hand embroidered into a quilt soon, so keep watching for it!