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Meet our Quilter - Lizzie S

lizzy1.jpgLizzie S, is an Amish Quilter who lives just over the mountain from us about 5 miles away. Lizzie lives on the side of a rather steep hill (although there are some flat areas), and to get to her front door you have to walk a gang plank that spans over her small garden that runs about 30 feet in length. lizzy2.jpgLizzie enjoys quilting, but she also quilts to help make ends meet. Her husband has been disabled from a surgery problem over a year ago and hasn't been able to work since then, and with no insurance and not willing to fight in court, Lizzie quilts wonderful treasures and sews tops for other quilters to use. Shown here you can see an outside photo of her wash area on laundry day. Notice the water heater that is next to the wringer washing machine. In another photo see her iron is out and ready to be heated on the stove. lizzy3.jpgLizzie lives a very plain Amish life, where simplicity and peace is the norm; and God and family are the most important things in her life. It's great to visit the Amish quilters and their families, the children are never sitting around the house or on the couch watching TV, they are busy being active, it's really fun to see.