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Amish Quilts and Amish Living Blog

​A day visiting the Amish

Whether you want shop for an Amish Quilt, or see Amish and Old Order Mennonite Quilts hanging out in the breeze, a day visiting the Amish is an experience most people do enjoy. While this is a tightly knit community, they do open their settlements to visitors during the day light hours. Through roadside stands and small [...]

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​A unique lady who collects Amish quilts

A unique lady who collects Amish quilts does not have to be of the Amish faith, just an admirer of high quality needle work. The reason the Amish quilts are collected and considered a work of art is that each and every one of them is handmade to exacting standards most people cannot achieve themselves. The making of an Amish [...]

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Amish Quilt Patterns Inspired by Autumn

Driving in the countryside in our Amish and Old Order Mennonite neighborhood, we see how many of the common sights inspire the old Amish Quilt Patterns. From the patchwork of harvested fields with the varying colors of green and gold, to the blossoming borders of color surrounding the paths and home. Color and beauty is [...]

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Things to Look for When Buying an Amish Quilt

When it comes to buying Amish quilts there are several things to look for and consider. Amish quilts are very unique to the world of quilting, as well as to each other. No two Amish quilts are the same, just as no two Amish quilters are the same. This is what makes buying or collecting [...]

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The Old Order Amish

One of the most conservative orders of the Amish; The Old Order Amish, are descendants of the 16th century of Anabaptists. The Old Order Amish are characterized in the modern imagination by their beliefs on use of transportation, use of farm horses, their refusal to use telephones or electricity within their homes and their stance [...]

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What types of food do the Amish Can

What types of food do the Amish can be simply answered by knowing what they grow. Nearly anything and everything that is a vegetable or fruit and some meats can be canned. What might surprise most non-Amish people is that meat can also be canned. The manner in which the Amish can their food items is [...]

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