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Things to Look for When Buying an Amish Quilt

Posted by Patty Silla on 16th Jul 2014

When it comes to buying Amish quilts there are several things to look for and consider. Amish quilts are very unique to the world of quilting, as well as to each other. No two Amish quilts are the sam … read more

The Old Order Amish

Posted by Patty Silla on 2nd Jul 2014

One of the most conservative orders of the Amish; The Old Order Amish, are descendants of the 16th century of Anabaptists. The Old Order Amish are characterized in the modern imagination by their beli … read more

What types of food do the Amish Can

Posted by Douglas Gray on 25th Jun 2014

What types of food do the Amish can be simply answered by knowing what they grow. Nearly anything and everything that is a vegetable or fruit and some meats can be canned. What might surprise most non … read more