Seasons of Amish Quilters Work

Posted by Patty Silla on 12th Oct 2014

Each of the seasons create a different type of work for the Old Order Mennonite and Amish Quilters in south central Pennsylvania and Lancaster PA. The long days and constant work of the summer months, are packed full for the Amish women with weeding the kitchen garden plot, small farm roadside stands, and busy farmers markets.

Amish Field Work with Horses

The entire family is working to help the family in food preparation and garden maintenance. Even the littlest is busy collecting eggs and keeping the weeds pulled.

Autumn ushers in a contented swing of events orchestrated by the weather and shorter days. The men and young boys are busy in the fields, where you can see them behind four or more mules doing heavy farm work. Belgian Horse pulled farm wagons or garden tillers are used to help put the fields to bed before the onset of freezing weather.

When the fields are blanketed with the moisture laden white snow, you will find the men busy in the barns repairing harnesses and plows, while the Amish women are busy hand quilting beauty and color into the Amish quilt that they are creating. The Amish quilter continues with her hand quilting into the beginning of spring, when the fields are still warming up. 

As soon as the land is warm enough to accept the seeds saved from last years harvest, then our Quilter focuses her attention and energy to her kitchen garden, planting in a schedule created by our Creator, each seed in its time. The very young enjoy the feel of cool earth between their toes as they help with the planting.