Amish people have an honest love for people

Posted by Douglas Gray on 30th Dec 2014

Amish people have an honest love for people and a joy in living life in general. This was the teachings of Jesus Christ of which they follow very closely. Love thy neighbor as one loves thyself is strictly practiced in this closed community.

As anyone who has actually visited an Amish community will tell you, all visitors that are respectful are greeted warmly and made to feel at home. The Amish do have a unique way of life, which is separate from the world. This is not so much that it goes against the teachings of Jesus, but it is present. Like all groups, if an arrogant person or group of people enter their community and become obnoxious or start insulting their members, they will no longer be made to feel welcome there.

Amish Wagon

This love of people and life is also seen in how they treat their animals. There is no veal grown in this community where the baby cows are kept in small pins not being allowed to move. While there are corrals and fences to keep the animals from roaming free in the entire compound, they have freedom of movement in their areas. This allows them to exercise and stay healthy. It is said a group of people can partially be judged by the way they treat their animals. If this is true with the Amish then people would be aware that they will be treated with respect when visiting them. This is not only in their nature of acting but also in their hearts and minds. They love all of God’s creatures.

It is the mystery behind the Amish that intrigue most people. They are a closed society that wishes to have as little contact with the outside world as possible. This is not to be unfriendly but so the outside influences are minimized on the members of their community. As the outside world advances in the development of devices to make life easier for its inhabitants, the Amish have decided to stop progress to what was available to the masses back in the 1800s. This allows them to have looms for the making of cloth and buggies so they can hook a horse up and travel by a means other than walking. The only pollution they produce is from the wood burning stoves they use. Machinery is limited in this community and they like it that way. This makes it easy for them to have a plentiful supply of time for the family to get together and enjoy life. This is something the outsiders could learn from, but most just do not take the time. They are just too busy with all of their gadgets and other distractions.

Yes the Amish as a society love other humans including outsiders. What they do not like is the worldly ways or actions at time.