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The Amish make great and unusual preserved fruits and canned vegetables

Posted by Douglas Gray on 5th Dec 2014

The Amish make great and unusual preserved fruits and vegetables so they can feed their families during the long cold winter months. This is the same process the early American frontier families used so they can sustain their lives.

Unlike the frontier families, the Amish families today do have access to supermarkets and grocery stores. Just because they have access to them does not mean they have the funds to make purchases or the desire to go into the outside world and use visit them. The Amish have been a self sustaining society since it was founded hundreds of years ago. This includes canning and preserving the many different food items they will consume in the coming months.

Amish Stove

The reason for the making of preserves is more than just because they taste better when prepared this way, but they also make their own preserves and jams because of the quantity they need to feed their families throughout the long winter with food that tastes fresh and as good as if it was right off the plant. Also, by growing most of their own vegetables and fruits, they know that the foods they are eating does not have harmful pesticides or chemicals added to them. This process is not limited to just fruits where jams and preserves are being created. This also includes all of the many vegetables they grow and many complete dinner that have been prepared. There are over 600 different recipes a person can acquire for the many different food items that can be made to last in this fashion.

Some of the more unusual food items that are made to last include chicken bologna, catsup from the tomatoes, cold packed sausages, pickles, corn relish, pear butter, pepper relish, pickled yellow beans, canned fish and even several ways to make and preserve zucchini relish. Each of these items was created by the inhabitants of the Amish community for the precise reason of helping their produce and food items last the longest possible time and still be nutritious and filling when eaten, not to say also good tasting.

They also preserve all of the fruits most American enjoy like apricots, blueberries, mint, grapes and of course strawberries. These preserves along with many others can be made or purchased in two different varieties. There are the fruit preserves with sugar added and those without. This variation is to meet the needs of the Amish community. Not every one in the world has a massive sweet tooth and this includes the Amish.

Another very different thing the Amish preserve is real fruit jellies. Unlike the varieties most American can purchase in a regular grocery store that contain very little real fruit juice or none at all. The Amish varieties contain real fruit in them.

No matter what you think of them or their way of life. You have to at least acknowledge they do know how to prepare and eat some of the best quality food on the planet today. They do not use artificial additives or preservatives, but prefer eating healthy and natural.