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Why do Amish People Seem so Content?

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Why do Amish people seem so content? This is something that perplexes many of the visitors to an Amish community. All of their visitors from the outside world are used to the many modern conveniences they just do not even want to think about living without them. Most think life without electricity, cars, planes, mobile phones, computers and television would not be worth living. This is really just how spoiled most of us have become.

Amish Buggy

All of the modern conveniences have been created in the last 100 years or so. Before that time everyone lived like the Amish do now. Back then life was simpler and living for the moment with what was around them was all that mattered.

Most people that live outside of an Amish community do not know what to do with themselves when the electricity goes out or the water stops running. It is almost like life comes to an end until those utilities are restored. Everyone is happy when the lights come back on to the point that you can generally hear a cheer in the neighborhood when it happens. That is just how dependent all of us have become on the modern conveniences we all now take for granted until they are taken away.

The Amish have none of that. They use kerosene lanterns to light their homes. To stay warm in the winter months they use a fire place where coal or wood is burnt. The Amish also have a plentiful supply of the quilts the ladies of the community make each year.

Because the Amish community is only reliant on its members and what they can actually produce, they take great care and pride in it. This is shown in the high quality of the Amish quilts that are still being produced today. The people of the community need them to survive the cold winter months so they are made to server that purpose. This high level of craftsmanship is seen in all of the things they produce, not just the quilts.

The handmade wooden furniture is also cherished by those that own them in the outside world. No machinery at all is used in their construction. The quality of these and all other products is a leading reason for such a high level of satisfaction and being content by the members of the Amish community.

For the many outsiders that think the Amish are a backward ignorant community just because they shun modern conveniences really do not know or understand this peaceful and religious group of people. They choose to live this way on purpose so they can lead simple satisfying lives to honor our Lord Jesus Christ. This honoring is done in everything they do and accomplish each and every day. It is the most peaceful way of life on this planet today. Who wouldn’t be content.

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