Down the Mountain Road Patchwork Large Amish Quilt 117x117

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Down the Mountain Road Patchwork LARGE Amish Quilt is a wonderful combination of fabrics that evoke the image of a pathway winding through the mountain forests, making this Amish Quilt a beauty that will be a stunning focal point in your home decor. It measures approximately 117 x 117 inches to fit your large King size bed or platform bed. The photo does not show it well, but there are flecks of gold shimmer in the copper, gold and green fabrics. The hand quilted stitching on this quilt is amazing, displaying tiny even trails of wonder. Down the Mountain Road Patchwork Amish Quilt has a patterned fabric for the backing in a mottled cream hues. This quilt is hand labeled and signed: Down the Road, 100% Cotton fabric, Db. The Amish quilter loves creating detailed tracings of wonder on a backdrop of practical art. Simplicity, family and living close to God and the earth is the lifestyle that the Amish live everyday.