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The careers of Amish Men & Women

Amish SewingThe careers of Amish Men & Women for the most follow the traditional gender roles that have been established by their community for hundreds of years, this includes Amish custom quilting. As with most societies, these roles have gray areas that fit the relationships of the people involved. In many instances the man of the family is the breadwinner and the women raise the children and take care of the homes, but don't be too surprised to find Amish Women making money on their gardens, their custom quilting, their cloths making, their home canning and baking.


In years past the raising of livestock and crops was the source of survival for most Amish families. The extras were sold to the outside world for hard cash so items the Amish community could not make could be purchased. As with all societies, the Amish have evolved. Today there are many Amish men and women that work outside their closed communities in the urban setting. This will include manufacturing jobs for many. This career for the Amish is open to men and unmarried women. The one stipulation they must follow when being employed in this area is to follow their beliefs. This includes no electrical items or machinery can be operated by them. Want to see an example of their work? Check out


Another area that the Amish are well known for is their ability to create works of art from wood. Again every process that is completed in the wood working process, is done by hand. There are no electrical lathes or band saws. All of the holes are drilled by hand and all of the boards are cut likewise. This does take longer to create the items they are making, but most consider the final products better built and have a higher value. The items like chairs, dressers, tables and sheds are then sold to the outside world as a source of additional hard currency. Note some Amish will use tools run by air, the air compressor is run by gas or diesel.


One of the rarest but highly needed careers of the Amish is the blacksmith. This is necessary to help produce all of the horseshoes and other items that are necessary around the farm that need to be made of metal or steel. Like all other trades, the blacksmith shop must follow the old world ways without any modern machinery. This is very hard work and not every community has one. This is the reason most of the Amish blacksmiths are extremely busy.


Amish QuiltThe Amish women have also expanded their presence in the world outside their communities. The Amish custom quilts they produce are world renown for their high quality. Other items that are made and sold by many Amish ladies include baked goods made of all natural items along with fresh produce and fruits that are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Many have set up stores or shops in which they can present these times to the non-Amish communities. Unlike the rest of the world that has 24 hours stores, these Amish stores close down close to sundown.


The careers open for Amish men and women are many more than what most think. While you will never see an Amish computer expert, you will see then in all phases of life that are in need of high quality handmade items. These are the items that can last for many generations to come.