Steps in Making a Custom Quilt

Steps in making a custom Amish quilt that will be required, for you to receive AmishQuilter Custom Quilterthe quilt that you ordered, are as simple as following these instructions. The very first thing needed is to know exactly what size of Amish quilt you are in need of. All standard and custom sizes are possible, but the Amish quilters just need to know which one you need.

The next thing you need to decide on is the pattern you most desire to have on your quilt. There are many different standard Amish designs to choose from. The standard designs include the appliqué, with the infusion of flowers and other natural designs as a favorite amongst many. Two of the most recognized is the Amish Star and Amish Log Cabin designs. Both of these use dark colors in contrast to the white, which is a common theme with not only the custom made Amish quilts but also the clothing worn by the Amish people.

One that should be considered is the patchwork pattern. This one can incorporate some of your memorable and favorite cloths from you and your family’s past. This is where many different sections of a variety of fabrics are used to create a quilt cover. This is also how many of the original Amish and other quilts of the old world were made.

AmishQuilter Quilt in FrameIf you have a custom Amish design in mind that is not listed as an option by the Amish quilter, than all you need to do is ask for it. All that is asked of the designs that are submitted is that they are not of any pattern that can be turned into a quilt. The ladies that will be creating the custom made Amish quilt for you are God fearing and will never make anything that does not honor God.

The Amish Quilter is your connection to the Amish community. They are friends of the Amish people and make use of the modern technology that has brought this and other Amish products to the global market place.

After you have decided on a pattern, then the main color with a secondary color should be decided on. The traditional Amish quilts have a blend of dark blues, dark reds, purple, and black mixed in with a small amount of white. If you wish to have a few of the lighter shades of color in your Amish quilt, it can be done for you. This will include the yellows and oranges, but then the quilt will not be of a true and authentic Amish one.

AmishQuilter Amish BuggyThe Amish Quilter can then receive all this information and give you a time estimate on when your custom made Amish quilt will be completed. A deposit of about $200 is required before any of the work can commence. Once the material is begun to be gathered and cut, photographs (when possible) will be taken to help record just how your custom Amish quilt was created. These will be emailed to you while progress is being made on your quilt.

Once your custom Amish Quilt is completed, you will need to pay the balance due in full to receive your newly created Amish custom quilt. This is a simple and easy process so you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of your new Amish quilt in the privacy and comfort of your own home.