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Custom Memory Quilts

Having a Custom Memory Quilt made is not something that is new, butCustom Amish Quilter you cannot just order one and pay for it and expect for it to be as you wish. This is different than the many other types of Amish quilts that can be created for you. The key component is that it will capture your memories. For the Amish quilters to do this they will need input from you.

To have a custom made Amish memory quilt, you need to have a theme. It could be a child in your life or maybe a place you visited. The old fashioned memory quilts were made of pieces of fabrics the quilters had used to make the cloths for their children as they grew up. This can still be accomplished even thou most cloths worn by a majority of Americans is now purchased in a store. Once the piece of clothing is no longer wearable, a piece of it would be cut out and saved. Eventually you will have enough to make a quilt. This is a long drawn out process but some do prefer it.

A more modern memory quilt takes advantage of modern technology. You can have pictures transposed onto cloth. These pieces of cloth can then be made into a memory quilt. This allows you to have more control over the memories you wish to keep and have a quilt made of.

On average most memory quilts’ are not used for keeping warm. Most mothers that have them made place them on their child’s beds after they move away when they grow up. This allows the mother and fathers to reminisce about the child that use to live with them. This use for the memory quilt keeps the quilt near perfect and new condition. When the child has children of their own, they can snuggle them up with memories of their own childhood. It is a great bedtime story starter.

Another popular option for using the custom made memory quilt is as a wall hanging. These can be created in any size the owner prefers so as much or as little space can be used within reason when ordering one of these. If there are too many memories for just one quilt, two can be made for different periods of the person’s life. For one quilt, the maximum recommended number of photos is 45; the lowest is one supersized photograph.

When you are picking which of the pictures you want in your custom made memory quilt, the size of the original is immaterial. The pictures can be blow up or reduced, whichever is your preference. Both black and white along with color photos can be included for transfers to the cloth, so do not discard any because of their age. All of the pictures will also be returned in the same condition as they were sent.

If the custom memory quilt is what you have your heart set on, decide how you want it made. The decision is yours but remember the same quality that the Amish ladies have placed in their quilts for over 100 years will also be in yours. This will allow your new Amish quilt to last for generations to come.