Far different from the life of the Amish the Bruderhof Communities are groups of families living together in one community. The teachings they consider important and practice are the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, and Acts 2 in the Bible where is states that all believers were together and had everything in common.

Amish Mennonite Plain Girl

They believe that their community lifestyle showing how to live and work together are a practical witness to the world (like the Amish), showing the value of peaceful activity and hard work, honesty towards others and faithfulness and commitment in marriage.

The Bruderhof Communities strive to demonstate the parts of the New Testament faith that they feel are important, and that is the principle of community life, reconciliation and non-violence. They participate in volunteering in various efforts to relieve poverty and suffering in the global community. Creating handmade Quilts and quilting bees are often a part of the community, and are a means to be able to create and also donate their Amish quilt works of art to benefit relief charities. The Bruderhof communities seek to testify in word and deed that love, truth and peace are the will of God for all of mankind.

The Bruderhofers are often mistakenly labeled as Hutterites because they have the same commitment to communal life. They have six communities in New York, Pennsylvania, and in England. They welcome visitors and are known for being hospitable.