Amish Trip Around the World Patchwork Amish Quilt 99x110

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Buggy Mennonite Hand Quilted Dutch Colors Trip Around the World Patchwork Quilt.  This Amish Trip Around the World Patchwork Amish Quilt measures approximately  99 x 110 inches to fit your Queen bed. Using the fabric colors that she loves, Katie, our Old Order Mennonite, also known as Buggy Mennonite, has done a magnificent job both in piecing the quilt top and hand quilting it. The deep forest green surrounds the three rainbow shades of colors green, rose, purple and blue all repeating and graduating out from the central square. Note the wonderful pillow area. There are approximately  6 handquilted stitches per inch. The fabric that is on the back is a mauve. You can read about Katie W, our Old Order Mennonite quilter in our Meet Our Amish Quilters information page.