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A day in the life of an Amish Quilter

A day in the life of an Amish Quilter is not what a typical American has to do.Amish Kitchen Stove The Amish people as a whole live a more simple life, thus, their daily routine is very different than most others in this country.

To begin with, a fire has to be started so the water can be heated for coffee in the morning. You must remember, the Amish people do not use any electrical devices which includes an electric coffee maker. Their day generally also starts earlier than most Americans. In the dead of winter, when the sun is a late riser, they are still getting up in the dark. For them to see, they use the kerosene lanterns that most only use today when the power is out.

Breakfast is also different than your average American family. Since they do not use electricity, the refrigerator is not a device they will have in their kitchen. That cold cup of milk you enjoy with your cereal is not ready and waiting for them to drink or use. The fetching of milk is one of the chores that have to be done on a daily basis. This is why there are many people in the Amish community outside of their homes before breakfast; they must complete the essential chores.

While the fire is getting hot and the milk, along with the eggs, is being fetched by the Amish ladies, the men are tending to the more physical chores. This will include the feeding of the larger animals and letting them out to pasture. Once the eggs and milk are brought to the kitchen, the breakfast meal can be prepared. When it is ready, the use of a triangle announcing the meal is rung and the family comes in for a bite to eat.

Amish WomanThis is a typical morning for an Amish lady. The starting of the day is as hectic as any other part of the day other than the ending. With everything done by hand and all food preparation done fresh and from scratch, the chores of the Amish ladies are great in number.

After the meal is done, the dishes have to be cleaned. Then, the daily routine of other chores is started. This will include the cleaning of the home with a broom and mop. No vacuum cleaner is in these homes. The beds have to also be made and the clothes are washed by hand. While accomplishing these chores, the midday meal must also be completed, with its preparation on time, to help keep the family going on the chores they will accomplish in the afternoon.

The afternoon is filled with completing the daily house chores and the preparation of the evening meal. Once the dishes are cleaned and stored away, the Amish ladies can them go to the quilting room and talk with the other ladies of their community about their day. Because idle hands can do the work of the devil, they quilt together.

This is an average day for the Amish quilters. It is a full time job but they enjoy their simple and fulfilling life. With each stitch on a quilt at night, they believe they are honoring God’s will. What could be more rewarding in this world.