Peacock Pair Appliqué Amish Quilt 106x113

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This Peacock Pair Appliqué Amish Quilt measures approximately 106 x 113 inches to fit your Queen or King-size bed and is from Lancaster County, PA. What a wonderful blend of blues and aquas with golden sparkle, turquoise, and peacock feather fabrics to make up the exquisite peacock tail. Two shades of green fabric leaves surround and frame the pair of peacocks, with hand-embroidered vines trailing from several flowers. There is a navy vine connecting the blooms that surround the scalloped edge.  What an excellent way to display life's bumps alongside joy. Multicolored fabrics in all different shades make the patches and hearts, with a light tan patterned fabric framing the patches. The border and edging are made of a navy fabric with a pattern like the ripples of flowing water, and excellent tiny quilt stitching completes this work of art. This quilt is an elegant display and focal point for your home.