Improved Lone Star Amish Quilt 106x117

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This Improved Lone Star Amish Quilt measures approximately 106 x 117 inches to fit your King bed. Wonderfully hand quilted, this Improved Lone Star Amish Quilt shows the love that the Old Order Mennonite and Amish women have for their gardens, often planting rows of flowers between the vegetables to bring in the bees, keep out the bugs and display beauty in their kitchen gardens. It also displays their love for the seasons and the different heavenly wonders that the sky brings. This Lone Star Amish Quilt is from Lancaster County PA. Vibrant colors and orderly beauty are what the Amish and Mennonite women are known for. Quilting images from the beauty of the rural landscape, our Amish Quilters fill their winter days with the hope of springtime. Their quilts become a reflection of what surrounds them and the beauty that is found in their farms.