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Bargello Wave Amish Quilt 98x112

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Magnificent in its use of color and design, this Bargello Wave Quilt is beautiful! Shades of deepening tones of grey and golden hued fabrics make the wave amazing. It was hand quilted and measures approximately 98 x 112 inches to fit your Queen size bed. It is from Lancaster County PA. Set in the hollow between two hills at the end of a long winding and bumpy road is the house that one of our Amish Quilters grew up in and now shares with her son and his family. She and her husband live in the Dawdy house the smaller dwelling attached to the side of the homestead. Her son has taken over their woodworking business and this has left more time for our quilter to do what she loves cook slippery pot pies for her grandchildren and quilt. Her husband made the quilt frame for her years ago and it has probably never been empty since! She combines her love to quilt with great eye for color to make an heirloom that will last for years.