Amish quilters are real Amish People

Who are these custom Amish quilters? Are they real Amish people that live theAmishQuilter Amish Wagon Amish lifestyle? The answer to that important question is yes. The Amish quilter is a family that lives near two Amish communities. Since the Amish do not use any form of machinery or devices that have been developed after about 1850, the need for friends of the Amish community to help get their products to the global market is necessary.

A small, but significant, source of Amish and Mennonite ladies live in the Amish Mennonite community in and around the area of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. About 300 families live there today. This is just one of 53 Amish communities in what is referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch country. This reference came about since a majority of the immigrants to this area of the country came from southwestern portions of Germany and Switzerland, starting in the late 1600’s and continuing until the mid 1800’s.

A large majority of the Amish communities are in Lancaster county of Pennsylvania. The town of Lancaster itself is home to over 30,000 Amish people. Lancaster is also the largest and oldest established Amish community in the world that was founded in about 1760. These two sources of Amish ladies are the main contributors to the Amish quilter’s supply of custom made Amish quilts.

Since it was founded, the growth in their community has created over 2000 Amish businesses that thrive in this area of the country. Not only are Amish quilts created here but also furniture, along with a variety of other handmade items.

Amish Mennonite GirlBecause they are a unique type of community in this modern world, tourism is also a thriving business here. If you decide to visit this area, you can make purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market stands run by the Amish, along with catered meals in tradition and nontraditional meals.

You must also be patient when traveling the roads in this area. The main source of transportation of the Amish people is still the horse and buggy. They have the same rights as cars, so do not expect them to pull to the side of the road just to let you pass.

A lesser known offshoot of the Amish community is the Mennonites. They are sometimes referred to as Quakers, but there is a small but significant difference. They are very similar in the manner and way they live as the Amish. This includes doing everything by hand without the aid of electrical devices.

The Mennonite ladies also make handmade quilts and at times make a contribution to the Amish quilters’ supply of quilts for their clientele. The reason the name Amish quilts is used is because it is more widely known and understood.

The exact answer to the question of who makes the Amish quilts supplied by the Amish quilter is Amish and Mennonite ladies. Absolutely no automated machinery is used in the creation of any of the custom made Amish quilts that are created for our customers.