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  • Dear Patty and Katie, I think you have probably outdone yourselves. We received the Amish quilt when we returned home from work yesterday.... read more
  • Patty, Just a quick note to thank you for the Amish quilt. It is beautiful and exceeded my dream of it. Thanks to the ladies and may God bless.... read more
  • Dear Patty, Thank you and thanks to the hard working Amish ladies for all of your help and support during this process. I am going to send.... read more
  • Patty, I received the Amish quilt yesterday and wanted to thank you again! It is so amazingly beautiful and I know my friend will adore it!.... read more
  • Your Amish Quilts are so beautiful. I wish I could quilt like you. I am in Hawaii and I wish I could come and see you and the beauty of.... read more
  • Patty, I absolutely love the Amish quilt! Anna did a wonderful job. I will forward you a thank you note for Anna. I actually have 3 more.... read more
  • Hi Patty, I was gone for a while so I have just opened the Amish quilt. I also wanted my mother here when I opened it. Lovely, lovely,.... read more
  • Hello - I recently purchased one of your Amish quilts as a birthday gift for my mother. The quilt is beautiful, and she really loves it!.... read more
  • About two days ago, I ordered a Amish quilted wall-hanging from Amish Quilter. It arrived today! Such fast service!! This will be a birthday.... read more
  • Good Afternoon Patty, I bought an outstanding Amish quilt from you recently, it was an embroidered antique car,twin size. Would be possible.... read more
  • Amish Quilt has arrived, Patty! It was stuck for days in customs! Helena really, really, really LOVES IT! it is even more amazing in real life.... read more
  • Looks amazing! I can?t wait to give this to my mom. She?s going to flip! I haven?t let her see the pics yet even, lol. Thanks so much.... read more
  • Hi Patty, Wanted to let you know today, I have written and mailed Anna a thank you note c/o you. Put the Amish quilt on my bed w/new.... read more
  • Hi Patty, Amish Quilt is gorgeous...Going to be a wedding present. Just sent a letter for Mary Grace, thanking her. You should have it in.... read more
  • Patty, I recently received the Amish quilt and wanted to thank you once for the beautiful handcrafted artwork. The woman who worked on the.... read more
  • I received the broken star Amish quilt on Thursday. The quilt is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know how much I like it. I make quilts.... read more
  • Dear Patty, The Amish quilt looks just wonderful!! I will call you with my credit card number so that you can send it out a few days.... read more
  • HI, I am looking for an Amish group to hand quilt a couple of antique quilts that I have purchased the tops and have the batting and backing.... read more
  • Have you ever made an Amish quilt out of men?s neckties? I have a friend with a pillow where the front is made out of her grandfather?s ties.... read more
  • Patty, Thank you for your idea with the different shade blues for the logs. As I thought about the design over the weekend, I became.... read more
  • My mother passed away 2 year back. I have this Applique Tree Of Life Quilt. Needs Quilted. Do you do quilting for people? If so how much?.... read more
  • I am looking for someone to finish quilting a miniature quilt of mine; I just can?t seem to get to it. Also, I have a friend who.... read more
  • I have a quilt that I already started quilting, but have not had the time to complete it. I am looking to see about how much it would.... read more
  • I love this quilt but I need it in full size. Can that be arranged? I would want it in the colors shown. Also, what would the price.... read more
  • Dear Patty, The photos attached are an applique quilt my mother began making several years before she passed away. She had started.... read more
  • i am so glad you saw this new pattern! i love the alternating color border. i say yes, if there?s a way to incorporate the best of.... read more
  • Patty, I know it will be fabulous! You are so kind to be so helpful in this process. They can purchase whatever fabrics they deem.... read more
  • I have a small doll quilt I would like quilted. It is 24" X 24" in a drunkard?s path pattern. It has a center circle about 5 ? " that.... read more

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