Twin Log Cabin Amish Quilt 80x111

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It is VERY hard to find a Twin size hand quilted quilt, but this one is beautiful! This Log Cabin Quilt was hand quilted with fabrics of blues and periwinkle, using batik and regular patterned fabrics. It measures approximately 80x111 inches to fit your Twin size bed. The fabric on the back is a lightly printed fabric. >> PLEASE NOTE: There is a yellow STAIN on the BACK of the fabric, about 8 inches in diameter. These quilts are handquilted, which means they have lived in a home for the months the quilters were working on the piece, and with a lot of children around, stains happen. The stain is only on the BACK of the quilt, so does not detract from the beauty of the quilt.. and the price is adjusted due to this stain. The Amish of south central Pennsylvania warmly embrace the sense of community that they live in, and actively pass their beliefs and heritage down from generation to generation. Even the great great grandparents can be seen holding small children and rock them to sleep on the porch swings of their dawdy houses, and they are still active on the family farm up into their 90s. This quilt comes with a free fabric storage bag. U123.HMA