Dutch Colors Mini Postage Stamp Patchwork Amish Quilt 92x108

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True Amish Dutch Colors Mini Postage Stamp Patchwork Amish Quilt 92x108 in Purple, green, blue and burgundy fabrics with the Postage Stamp patchwork all on point on a black background, makes this True Amish Color quilt the magnificent centerpiece for your home. It measures approximately 92 x 108 inches to fit your Double size bed. There is meticulous, even, wonderful quilting on this spectacular Dutch Color Miniature Postage Stamp Amish Quilt, with approximately 7-8 handquilted stitches per inch.  Sarah B is the Amish lady who hand quilts such tiny magnificent even stitches, and she lives just over the mountain from us in a small hollow next to their Amish school.