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Log Cabin Quilting Bee Patchwork Amish Quilt 95x111

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Log Cabin Quilting Bee Patchwork Amish Quilt 95x111This Log Cabin Quilting Bee Patchwork Amish Quilt measures approximately  95 x 111 inches to fit your Queen bed.  A wonderfully bold quilt done in burgundys and greens. This quilt was made by a quilting bee held just down the road from my home, to benefit our local Amish schools. You can tell it was handquilted at a Quilting Bee when you see the varied hand quilting that is displayed on it.  There are different levels of quilters skill represented in this quilt with the average being  6  handquilted stitches per inch. You can see in the photos the folding chairs that would be used by the crowd of ladies that arrive to quilt, and you can see the hand made quilting frame holding the Log Cabin Quilting Bee quilt in place during the Bee. This Amish Quilt is a Level Two Certification quilt (click here for more info).

A product of a real old fashioned quilting bee, you can see small areas of quilting that reflect the work done by a young girl (with probably around 4-5 handquilted stitches per inch).  Remember, she is quilting this to help her school, which is a small one room schoolhouse, complete with out house in the back. It would be natural for a young Amish girl to want to learn on this bright and happy quilt and passing down this time-honored talent and art is a valued occurance in the Amish community where this quilting bee was held.

Log Cabin Quilting Bee Patchwork Amish Quilt 95x11113006CVAS